Why am I at work and not at a meeting of the Kyriakos Papadopoulos fanclub??? (which I assume has a New York branch.)

So far just since Saturday, Kiri has -

Scored his first goal in the Bundesliga:

(It was the fourth goal in Schalke's 5-0 victory over Werder Bremen, coming after Raul's third Bundesliga hat trick - I've been giddy all weekend.)

Shadowboxed the corner flag:

Rocked out with Raul and the Schalke fans and a dude wearing an excessively creepy skull mask:

(He also took a turn on that drum.)

Did this:

Defeated a ridiculously large dude at arm wrestling, twice:

(Video here, arm wrestling epicness is towards the end. oh, kiri <3333)

Gave an interview where he spontaneously decided German was too tough and just started speaking in english out of nowhere:

(Third video here, they don't let you link directly to individual vids. So hilarious though!! Fuchs and Draxler are so presh as well. And KIRI SPEAKS ENGLISH YUSSSS.)

And within the past couple weeks, Kiri has also -

Been featured in one of the most amazing photoshoots ever:


Recorded a question in truly epic German for Schalke's advent calendar contest, while holding an extremely embarrassed Ucchi in a headlock:

(video here and it's the greatest thing ever.)

I FUCKING LOVE THAT KID. XDDD He's so extroverted and ridiculous and I'm really happy knowing he's on the team because i'm sure he helps bring everyone together - it's actually nice that he's not one of the native German speakers, I think - he's probably comfortable babbling away to everyone regardless of what language they speak. Plus he's built like a tank and I'm just glad to have him playing for us. XDD

He's actually the only Schalke player that I've seen live!! The Greek NT played the Ecuador NT at Citi Field, the Mets stadium, and my sister lives pretty close so we went to see Kiri. (or, as everyone else calls him, Papa.) It was a super duper fun experience! Kiri played well and there was a fantastic atmosphere, we had great seats and we left just early enough that the train was nice and empty. At the time I didn't know Kiri as well but I loved him for being a big, funny-looking mouth-breather (he has a tendency to just run around with his mouth gaping open XD) and for playing for Schalke. And he was so cute, they put down this weird turf on top of the baseball diamond and when they came out after halftime Kiri was all poking at the point where you could see the baseball part starting under the turf. idk, it was adorable!

And since then he's become one of Schalke's starting center backs and we've seen more and more of him, not least of which was this amazing video of him reading Hans Sarpei facts - Hans Sarpei being a Schalke player who, it seems, is kind of the Chuck Norris internet legend of Germany with a massive facebook following. Ahhh, Kiri's terrible German. XDDD I have almost no clue what he's saying but it's the best video anyway.

P.S. Still wildly, madly in love with Raul - so utterly thrilled about his hat trick and all the lovely attention he's been getting this weekend and how much German he's been speaking lately and how insanely adorable and precious and perfect he is. :DDDDDDD Ahhh, Schalke! They may break your heart but they will be ludicrously adorable and delightful and lovable while they do so!

Contract talk: Schalke has a lot of big negotiations to do this January, I'm quite concerned about Farfan and Raul and I know there's quite a lot of financial considerations going on, but... hopefully something will be worked out. Fingers crossed! It seems like Raul and Schalke both want him to stay and it should be a matter of seeing if Raul will accept what Schalke is willing to pay, which will apparently be a paycut for him even if he signs the same contract because he used to be getting some type of massive stipend from Real Madrid (idek) and that's expired. So it'll depend on what Schalke can afford and what Raul will find reasonable. Farfan has more market value and is more able to uproot himself so I hear he's currently asking for more than Schalke are willing to pay... I think he's a fantastic player and very important to us so I hope something can be worked out there. Having a strong second half of the season and being back in the CL next year would be ridiculously delightful so fingers crossed... but you never know what Schalke will do! XD
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