Aug. 29th, 2013

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Hellooooo livejournal! As is my annual tradition now, I'm posting right after I went to the US Open. XDD But I don't have pictures yet so I'll post ABOUT the US Open some other time.

I've recently made a bunch of new friends through the friending meme/prompt challenge post at [ profile] home_ice. I kind of got the impression that a lot of people like me came out of the woodwork - newish hockey fans (or new to fandom) who have been enjoying hockey fandom on tumblr but who haven't been able to make new friends and have been really missing the community aspect of livejournal fandom. Anyway, everyone seems totally delightful! It's really, really exciting to have people to gab constantly about hockey and hockey RPF and cute hockey players with! I haven't gotten my twin sister into hockey yet (although she's much more mildly interested in the fanfic side of things than I am anyway, plus we don't talk about smut that much - but we're usually very much on the same page about players and people who we like) and she's great for squeeing to normally, which takes some of the pressure off my internet life.

I kind of focused a little on friending people who were on twitter, because that's where I do most of my social networking these days. And then I proceeded to tweet like a maniac for about 12 hours straight. XDD I... got a little excited? Bored at work + suddenly know a bunch more people who care about the stuff I'm excited about + also lbr a willingness to share anything that pops into my head = word vomit. It doesn't hurt that I'm the world's least laconic human being - except when I'm trying to write fic, for some reason. So I'm sorry to anyone who suddenly found that their entire timeline was me. >__> I'm going to be much busier the next couple days, at least? (I might declare an unfollow grace period - I really feel like people don't necessarily know the volume of tweets they might be getting when they say "oh yeah, let's be friends!" and I want to give them an out before they loathe me, haha.)

So yeah, quick current fandom rundown, although this was touched upon in the meme - mostly doing the sports and sports RPF thing these days: hockey, soccer, tennis. Big into Avengers, have been an avid reader of the DC Universe for much of my adolescence but they're a steaming pile of crap lately. Was really into Sherlock and Teen Wolf fic, and reasonably into both canons, but not so much anymore. Various Joss stuff is always relevant. Terry Pratchett enthusiast. I'm leaving a bajillion things out - I need something to be excited about, something to throw myself into and learn new things about. When there's no new fandoms, I'll start reading loads about Antarctic exploration or WWII spy technology. [ETA: also was very much into Japanese boybands, especially as produced by Johnny's & Associates - TOKIO are my favorites, of course, also into V6 (old people yay) and Arashi and at various points Kanjani8 and NEWS. And I've watched a certain number of dramas, although none recently.]

I'm also a fervent feminist (but absolutely in no way a radfem) and am always attempting to be more and more anti-racist, and I do tend to post serious shit sometimes or launch into rants. Currently trying to address some of my transphobia & ableism problems so I'm a safer space than most places but not totally safe.

Soccer: Schalke and Real Madrid. Absolutely wildly in love with Raul. Used to be a Liverpool fan but I was already moving away from them and I was so disgusted by the way they handled the Suarez racism incident that I'm not more than a casual fan now. My aforementioned sister is a huuuuge Arsenal fan and since she cares a lot more than me, I'm fairly invested in them as a result of caring about her emotional state. XD Also hugely into women's soccer. I'm madly in love with Spanish superstar Vero Boquete, which she probably knows because someone LINKED HER TO THAT POST and also to these gifs, which were posted at a point when my entire tumblr was filled with Vero gifs I'd made. I am often in small fandoms and have a lot of fourth wall problems. DX

Tennis: David Ferrer! Samantha Stosur!! Andrea Petkovic, the entire Italian Fed Cup Team, most of the Spanish Davis Cup Team, Andy Murray, Tommy Robredo... probably loads of people I'm missing. There's a lot of room in my heart for tennis players. I've been pretty lazy about following it lately.

I got a bit... a bit long-winded about my hockey feelings )

Haha everyone else has been writing great little posts about something in fandom, and I'm like "HERE READ ABOUT ME FOR AN HOUR". But I like knowing that the people I'm dealing with know who I am, I guess? (haha I hope so, given how personal I got on tumblr this morning!) I like representing myself accurately - I hate when people put words in my mouth or make assumptions about me - it's probably why I go on so long, I want to really express every feeling. Idk. Anyway, I do have some more generic fandom-related thoughts that I was going to put into this post, I didn't actually set out to make an intro post!! But given my tendency towards long-windedness, I will have to just cut myself off here!


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